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Thought to Thrive With: EXPANSION

Recently in the media, it was announced by scientists that reports by the Hubble telescope indicate that the universe is not contracting as once thought, but rather is expanding. This discovery has tremendous import. What it tells us is that expansion appears to be the fundamental nature of all of life.

Speaking of nature, look at that definition of expansion. From a tiny seed grows a majestic tree almost 400 feet tall, about twice the size of the Statue of Liberty. A newly discovered hidden grove in California’s Humboldt Redwood State Park has brought out such a giant, and it’s exact location is being kept a secret (for more, check out on You Tube the video “Climbing the world’s tallest tree” by Peter G Wall). It is estimated that this tree has a mass equivalent to 15 adult blue whales, the largest animal on earth. Each year, this tree produces enough new wood to make a 90-foot-tall tree with a trunk 12 inches in diameter!

We ourselves are part of the universe; therefore, just as the universe is expanding, so are we. To reflect on this discovery is to begin to sense a spaciousness in our being, an openess in our mental outlook. The greater possibilities for our lives begin to emerge in the mind. Change is a crucial part of this expansion, and yes, that can include illness as I experienced in my last year. As my English grandmother was always fond of saying “The only constant in life is CHANGE!”

If at first you sense a resistance within yourself to this greater expression of expansion, consider that the feeling to play small is simply old habits of thinking, and BAT this one of the ballpark! Do not accept it. Let It Go. Take time now to allow the less that you may have unconsciously accepted to give way to the greater that is possible for you.

“We all have the extraordinary coded within us, waiting to be released”

                                                                               Jean Houston



Thriving Inspiration: Ted Guice

Ted Guice is a cancer survivor and a certified personal trainer and group exercise trainer based in Palm Springs, CA. He leads a “G-Force” work-out class, a fast-paced strength and endurance class lasting 55 minutes. Last December, Ted went to the Desert Regional Hospital emergency room with chest pains and was admitted to the cardiac intensive care unit. His diagnosis was sepsis, a blood infection which resulted in a sepsis-induced heart attack. Just 12 days after having a life threatening heart attack and possible permanent heart damage, Ted was back sweating and grunting his clients through the G-Force work-out class!
His motto is ‘building healthy and robust lives”, and Ted is a THRIVING and walking example of this testament. In my previous post, “The Full Palette of Life” I talk about my own recent experience of cancer treatment, subsequent recovery and applying Belief, Acceptance and Trust (BAT) to this process. Your body WANTS to heal, and you are the director of this magnificent display of living and thriving. Have FAITH.  Congratulations Ted! Thank you for showing us the power of Belief, Acceptance, Trust and Faith in the process of healing your body!
“FAITH is being sure of what you hope
for and certain of what you do not see”
For more information on Ted Guice, please see the link under My Favorite Things “Ted Guice Fitness” or go to



The Full Palette of Life

This past year I would like to refer to as my “full palette of life” (read My Story and you’ll see why). Only by bringing myself to depths that brought out my EGO screaming to reign control, did I REALLY begin to experience the wonder of life’s full experiences and potentiality.

I have a simple formula to ground myself – BAT. I take a ”bat”  to thoughts, ways of being, current conditions and past memories that no longer serve me. BAT = Belief, Acceptance and Trust:

Believe in your good, to trust the process that you’re currently undergoing and know that deep in your heart there IS a greater way of being, doing and serving that benefits all in its wake, including YOU!

Accept where you are at currently, those current conditions of life’s experiences that have been brought to you….. are there to push you to the next level. As we set free a previous definition of who we’ve been, we can gracefully become what Life is directing us to be.

Trust the process. Somehow (and every day quantum physics is coming closer to “explaining” this) the Universe, God, Your Soul, Ralph (whatever you are comfortable describing this greater power) knows what is in your best interest to move forward. Will you trust in this process that wants to sing your name in every circumstance? There is a design for your contribution, your safe passage, and your ultimate growth and good.

You are a co-creator with divine mystery in your cup. You are meant to love, be loved and thrive in this beautiful existence that we now call our reality, and experience the full palette of life!


Some acronyms that I use to bring a smile to my face:

EGO = Edging God Out.

SIN = Self-Inflicted Nonsense.

FEAR = False Expectations Appearing Real. 🙂



Affirmations – Week of July 22, 2012: Think Your Reality. Then Name it and Claim it.

“God makes things through the direct act of becoming the things He creates. This is what we do, for our thought becomes the thing thought of”

“The science of quantum physics has now described the process by which thought directs unformed energy into manifestation. A creative, form-fashioning activity in the universe, called Law, takes a thought or idea and, using it as a template, produces out of unformed substance a physical representation of that thought or idea. The Law acts automatically and in accordance with the direction given it. In other words, thoughts are things”


A little heavy? Perhaps. Read it again s-l-o-w-l-y, then let the reality of that beautiful energy sink in. Allow it to flow through you. Relax, and enjoy the ride.


“All Things are Possible if you Believe.”

                                         Mark 9:23



On Happiness

“Happiness comes from quiet contentment, an inner sense of certainty which cannot be shaken. The mind must reach a place where it no longer remembers past anxieties or looks into the future with uncertainty”

 – Ernest Holmes


“When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy”

-The Dalai Lama


“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Release Your Splendor!

Affirmations – Week of July 16, 2012: Discipline

“I do believe that the day-to-day reality of our lives can be altered at any time we make a decision, have the will, and muster the discipline and the courage to change what we believe, say, and think on a daily basis.”

“By turning within and opening to IT, you access the guidance, strength, and courage available to you, and you then move through difficulties calmly and confidently. You rise above the belief that problems can hold you in bondage or limit you from the full experience of life, and instead you perceive that they are simply stepping-stones leading you to the reality of love, harmony, peace and abundance. The problems and challenges that come along in your life are lifting you toward the possibility of a greater trust in good and a fuller expression of all that you are.”