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The Risk and Reward of Change

Lobsters teach us about risk and change. As a lobster grows, it gets to a point where the hard shell encasing its body cramps it. It just can’t grow anymore. The lobster must find a relatively safe place, shed its shell, and then wait while a new and larger shell grows. Of course, while the shedding and new growth occurs, there is considerable risk to the lobster. It is vulnerable and in constant danger while its protective shell forms. The lobster must risk its life in order to grow.

Have you felt your life start to feel too limited and restrictive? You may hear your inner voice telling you that you’ve learned the lessons needed in the present environment and that it is time to move on. Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of the worldwide Religious Science movement, says “There is an inner urge in our minds to grow, to expand, to break down the barriers of previous limitation and to ever widen our experience.” In other words, it is quite natural to experience this desire to grow beyond where we currently reside in our thinking/consciousness.

Growth requires moving through uncomfortable and sometimes even painful situations. We have to risk leaving the old, familiar ways and jump into the unknown future good that is calling to us. Like the lobster, we can fully commit to our growth, which propels us forward to a new reality.

Be willing to grow through the changes in your life, knowing that only good is ahead for you.

-You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

-A Man sooner or later discovers that he is the Master-Gardener of his soul, the Director of his life.

Jean Paul Sartre


Following Your Heart

Actor and comedian Steve Martin tells the story of how he got started in show business. When in his twenties, he was employed at the Knotts Berry Farm amusement park in the entertainment theater. What he really wanted to do was stand-up comedy. He thought about making the leap, but hesitated. Finally, he decided to go for it. Martin said, “If I could talk to myself in my twenties from my vantage point now, I’d tell myself, ‘Just relax and go for it. Everything will work out just fine.’ ” When we follow the heart, everything does seem to work out just fine.

We are not here to simply exist. We are here to THRIVE! Playing it safe might need to be sacrificed to create the life of our dreams, for the journey stretches us, grows us, expands us, and uplifts us. And as someone wise once said, “We don’t pray for safe passage. We pray to be a good captain.”

We have within us a homing beacon. Like the magnificent birds that I am currently witnessing beginning their annual migration south, when we listen to our heart that calls to us, our life unfolds with ease, grace and sufficiency. Joel Goldsmith stated that this is the true meaning of grace – being so tuned in to the God within that life unfolds exactly as it should, and we are provided with just what we need at the moment we need it; to have entered a period of life called Living by Grace.

Following your heart also means that sometimes you will be led to do things that don’t appear to be logical. Well intentioned friends and family may say, “What are you doing? Are you crazy?” This is the moment that defines you: when you can stand firmly in the truth of who you are and step forward in the faith that your heart will never steer you wrong. Let us tune in to the infinite wisdom that resides within us today and have the courage to follow that wisdom.

-What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

– Oliver Wendell Holmes