The Power Within

There is a Power within each one of us, that is yearning for expression. How to release this is one of life’s mysteries for each and every one. That Power, has the ability to guide us, instruct us, nurture us, shower each with thriving health, abundance and the ability to live the life that we have dreamed about.

Peace is an inner calm, obtained through one’s knowledge of what he or she believes, and why. Without knowledge, there is no lasting peace. Nothing can bring peace but the revelation of the individual to him or herself, and a recognition of one’s direct relationship to this incredible Universe. You must know that you are an eternal being on the pathway of life, what I like to believe is a “Spiritual” being having the “Human” experience. ┬áPeace is brought about through your conscious unity with the inner principle of your life – that underlying current of energy, flowing from a divine center, pressing ever outward into expression (Read my past post on EXPANSION).

We are surrounded by an intelligent Law, which does unto each as he or she believes. In fact, the whole teaching of Jesus was based on this theory. He implied the necessity of Belief, Acceptance and Trust in this process (BAT!) That is, IT IS MEASURED OUT TO US ACCORDING TO OUR OWN MEASURING. We can only expect to have our prayers answered according to our belief and actual embodiment of that belief. That is, in essence, how we can or cannot manifest what we really want in our life.

If prayer has been answered, it is not because God has moved to answer one person and not another. It is because that person has moved into a RIGHT relationship with this Principle of Being, or Essence Of Life, or God or whatever you are comfortable calling this. How to do this is for each and very one of us to figure out. Faith, then, touches a Principle which responds, we can be certain of this. All prayers will be answered when we pray aright!

You will resonate and attract what is needed to help you in this process. Only when you have your eyes wide open! Whether it is a walk in beautiful nature, finding that inner calm through meditation, acupuncture, reiki or any other type of readily accessible healing practice, when you keep your eyes wide open and have that belief, acceptance and trust, the answer or answers will come.

Life is directing us to unfold into our greatness. Change isn’t happening to you. It’s happening FOR YOU. It’s pressing you to find your wings.

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

– Lau Tzu

“There is a Power for good in the Universe, greater than we are, and we can use it.”

-Dr. Ernest Holmes



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