The Tipping Point…It’s You

“The Tipping Point” definition is, in a nutshell ‘the crisis stage in a process, when a significant change takes place.’ I had such a tipping point last September when cancer suddenly appeared in my life (Please read My Story for more detail). It’s a kind of critical mass that breaks out into something entirely new. It’s there for a definite purpose, to awaken you and open a new consciousness and a new way of doing things. When the unexpected becomes expected or, perhaps a form of radical change.

Of course we’ll fight it tooth and nail at first, not all roads to Rome are neat, orderly and transparent! I often felt like Alice in Wonderland back then, once, I knew who I was, but I began to change so much that I was not sure who I was becoming! Progress can be “messy and opaque” and often follows a herky-jerky path that evolution sometimes follows. This is where my simple “BAT” philosophy comes to my rescue that I mention often in earlier posts. Belief, Acceptance and Trust. Besides the love of my family and friends, it was my only savior, along with my firm belief that The Universe Knows and is there to support, nurture and assist you through these changes.

Changes do not always unfold comfortably, and our minds can feel like they are growing out of old clothes. Ernest Holmes, the illustrious and dynamic founder of the Science of Mind thinking explains, “We know that thought is constantly changing, forever taking on new ways of expression. It cannot possibly remain permanent.” The Dalai Lama, one of our most revered spiritual leaders, recognizes that people want to be happy and avoid suffering. However, often our minds seize on “addictive emotions,” default positions of fear, anger, hatred and dismay as immediate responses to what lies before us.

When at that tipping point, know that you are never alone. Your perfect outcome is never in doubt. Put yourself in a position of thinking that this good IS coming to you with your firm Belief, Acceptance and Trust in the process. You hold great power, and this power of self and knowing your Oneness with the Universe always brings quiet calmness to a turbulent situation. The Dalai Lama always brings Love into any situation, for love cannot fail to affect the mental atmosphere. When he enters a room, he brings the strength of his love for others, the thoughtful discipline he has forged for decades, and the humor that awaits the opportunity. Love shines the way.

In the end, Tipping Points are a reaffirmation of the potential for change and the power of intelligent action, to feel certain that your future in this moment is in the hands of a greater power. Believe, Accept and Trust the process.

The purpose of our lives is to give birth to the best that is within us. It is only through our own personal awakening that the world can be awakened. 

-Marianne Williamson


One thought on “The Tipping Point…It’s You

  1. Trish Mackey

    My dear Tony…how proud I am of you as you stayed focused on the unveiling and not the process. Remember, the beautiful Dragonfly develops in the dung. Blessing my friend, Trish


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