The Risk and Reward of Change

Lobsters teach us about risk and change. As a lobster grows, it gets to a point where the hard shell encasing its body cramps it. It just can’t grow anymore. The lobster must find a relatively safe place, shed its shell, and then wait while a new and larger shell grows. Of course, while the shedding and new growth occurs, there is considerable risk to the lobster. It is vulnerable and in constant danger while its protective shell forms. The lobster must risk its life in order to grow.

Have you felt your life start to feel too limited and restrictive? You may hear your inner voice telling you that you’ve learned the lessons needed in the present environment and that it is time to move on. Dr. Ernest Holmes, founder of the worldwide Religious Science movement, says “There is an inner urge in our minds to grow, to expand, to break down the barriers of previous limitation and to ever widen our experience.” In other words, it is quite natural to experience this desire to grow beyond where we currently reside in our thinking/consciousness.

Growth requires moving through uncomfortable and sometimes even painful situations. We have to risk leaving the old, familiar ways and jump into the unknown future good that is calling to us. Like the lobster, we can fully commit to our growth, which propels us forward to a new reality.

Be willing to grow through the changes in your life, knowing that only good is ahead for you.

-You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Mahatma Gandhi

-A Man sooner or later discovers that he is the Master-Gardener of his soul, the Director of his life.

Jean Paul Sartre


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